Our three-continent team brings a global perspective and rich, multi-cultural resources and networks. Among us we speak six languages and we have worked around the world.

Our clients say we are out of the ordinary—that our chemistry makes a difference. We form close partnerships, offering ourselves as open sources for information and support.

Susan Berg

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Susan Berg is our large group futures process expert. She has managed change projects for divisions of fifty to 10,000 team members. She designs group creativity and inclusion processes, inspiring entire organizations to change together. Her background includes thirty years in education, information technology and change management. She has a PhD in Adult Learning and Development and has extensive experience working with Fortune 500, non-profit and government clients to build their preferred futures. Susan is also a graduate level professor in Human Resources and Organization Development. Susan lives in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA.


Derk Buisman

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Derk Buisman is our leadership innovation specialist. He helps professionals to release otherwise untapped potential. He has worked for over twenty-five years in both the profit sector—including Forbes 500 companies—and non-profit sectors, with extensive experience in transportation. He is a fire starter and has a keen ability to act in an instant, providing urgency and passion to achieve goals and make a difference. He holds an MSc in Language and Communication Arts, well applied to the world of leadership communication. Derk lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


our backstory

We launched The Highline Practice in 2015. We united our work during a Theory U training in Africa—a magical place, bursting with hope for vastly redesigned futures for governments, business, communities and youth.

This optimism spilled into our first practice meeting in New York City. There, during the summer of 2015, we discovered a global community art project made of white Legos—at the Highline Park—that invited citizens to help-co-design the city of the future. So, co-design we did.​

We realized that our work was born on the highline. The park is a marvel of futures design—reinventing an abandoned rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. Today it is a stunning public garden that has succeeded in uplifting the entire neighborhood. It is futures design in action, and we felt drawn to name our practice in its honor. And the synchronicity of a community Lego art project was the signal that it was time for us to jointly practice on our own highline.​

Highline Park unites reclamation, sustainability, beauty, role modeling, community involvement, vision, elevation and inventiveness—everything we hope for the organizations of our future. This is living Buckminster Fuller’s notion of building a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.