POWER-LAB experience

The Highline Practice Workshop


Invitation to the POWER-LAB experience


Date and Location: February 13, 2019 in Rotterdam. Location TBD

Time: 08.30 - 17.00


Why this, why now? 

Do you want to break your fixed patterns? Is your organization on the move while you are stuck in existing expectations and roles? Here is a unique opportunity to strengthen your influence and leadership approach.


What will we do?

This is an intensive workshop in the form of a learning lab. You experience how things can be done differently in a living organization simulation. You come face to face with the patterns and habits in organizations that shape your actions.  And you learn ways to push past them. You build the possibility of collaboration across all roles and levels.


Who attends?

Join us if you answer yes to one or more of these questions. 

Are you

  • Interested in organizing with your team so collaboration is more accessible?

  • Engaged in the introduction of agile work, more ownership, self-management?

  • Want to increase awareness of your leadership role and your power in it?

  • Needing to find compelling ways to influence your organization?

  • A student who wants to experience how it is from different levels in an organization?




Through this workshop you

  • Develop innovative ways to lead at all levels

  • Live the experiences of other roles in a learning lab environment

  • Influence change more effectively in all layers of the organization

  • Break down bureaucratic walls and achieve your results more productively

  • Apply new ways of organizing within existing structures


Join us if you want to have an intensive, unforgettable experience that lets you explore together across layers and levels.  It could be the path to reshaping leadership at all levels.


Hosted by Susan Berg, Maria Sturm and Derk Buisman.


Conducted in English, with Dutch translation.


Fee:  450 euro per person or 1000 euro for three-person team

         Includes coffee breaks and lunch, excludes tax (21%)


For more information, contact us: