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Coaching is offered live-online and live-in-person, with plenty of opportunity for practice between sessions.  We book both personal coaching and group coaching.

personal coaching

We offer advisory and dialogue-based personal coaching, and we offer coaching in a thinking environment.  We help you clear the path to get back to yourself and ignite your creative juices. Ask us for details—it’s compelling!


group coaching

Group coaching offers the features of individual coaching in a group setting, creating a cost-effective way to bring this powerful learning to many more people.  It draws on our unique Learn—Practice—Anchor approach—bringing fun while learning and collaborating.


GROUP coaching is offered in two ways:


Team Coaching is for intact groups who have a particular challenge they want to work on together.


Peer Coaching is the joining of a peer group from across your organization or across professions.

  • We rotate between large, whole group work and small peer groups of four

  • The large group focuses on common learning needs

  • The small peer groups of four work on individual development needs


Why Group Coaching?

  • Offer coaching to many more developing leaders at an affordable rate.

  • Work on what you need right now.

  • Build connection, commitment, and relieve stress.


Who benefits from Group coaching?

  • Key individual contributors who will gain from alliance, information sharing, and connection

  • Young professionals who need grounding in leadership skills and a committed network

  • Any team member who needs support, innovation, and a sense of shared purpose

ideas for group coaching


How Do We Work, Now?!

Are you feeling a bit alone around how you’re approaching work now? Office, virtual, hybrid?  It makes us dizzy. Get humanly connected around a challenge that is vexing us all.



As we resurface from the pandemic, what better time to focus on our listening skills? While we practice, you will get re-socialized and re-energized around the foundational leadership skill of listening. 


Learn how to focus your attention and connect in a way that opens pathways for people to express their unique needs, abilities, and willingness to contribute.



This unique, live, online course engages you as an emerging leader, wherever you are in your career. Even if you’ve done leadership training before, this is a fresh experience—you hold up a mirror, see yourself anew, and engage in a dynamic learning lab with peers.


Explore the roots of your impact—from personal style to culture to gender and beyond—and make better decisions through better awareness.  This experience, particularly coming out of the pandemic, strengthens your creative power and resilience.


engaging tension and conflict

Support and skills to help you stop sweeping tensions and outright conflict under the rug and start working with it.  Meet differences head on and work through them to create productive, satisfying, and innovative workplaces.  Learn to address conflict in a way that matches your style and adapts to others’ needs.


conflict management

Reinforce and refine conflict engagement skills to keep from falling into old habits. Give yourself a booster shot to keep conflict from infecting the health of your team. This practicum lends itself to repeat investment, as it upgrades your skill with each conflict the group brings.


leading with strategic impact

As a leader’s influence expands, so does their need to sharpen decision-making, conflict resolution and relationship skills.  Via robust, experiential learning frameworks, you’ll refine your unique strategic leadership style and strengthen your ability to innovate and influence across your department or organization.


This course uses deep practice in case work and peer group coaching to broaden perspectives and get incisive feedback.  You walk away with coping methods to work around your potential derailers and practices that bolster your key strengths.

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