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Conflict Resolution

The Hand-up

Using The Hand-up takes conflict resolution to the next level. 


All humans experience conflict with other humans. It’s as basic as breathing. 


Why, then, do we address it by either shrinking—hoping it will disappear?  Or taking a sledgehammer to it—hoping we can break it up by force?  Because we don’t learn conflict resolution skills. Instead, we are taught that it’s a sign of weakness to ask for help.


Let’s stop pretending that works.  And start asking for a hand-up.

our 2 Powerful Pathways


For individuals and teams needing a high level of support from trained and experienced mediators to resolve conflicts that risk productivity and the well-being of your team.


Drawing on Learn—Practice—Anchor, our time-tested and proven design, develop your skills to activate healthy conflict responses and prevent conflict from escalating.

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