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Quick and Dirty Mission / Values



You need a way to initiate a conversation about what’s important or what’s changing in order to build your team or your company.


Here are some questions that get you started on the key elements of strategic planning. Not meant to be exhaustive, this is a good process to do alone, for one hour, or with a partner or small team. You can also use this as a warm-up for getting the pulse of a group before you go live with a planning process that will involve many people.


Alone, or with appropriate team members, answer the following questions.

Part 1: Background thinking

1. What are your highest hopes for the organization?

2. What are the greatest strengths?

Describe a time when you produced a champion level result (this gets you to visualize what was happening and how it felt) .

3. What are your greatest concerns about your future?
Think in terms of closing gaps.
Don’t get overly focused on limitations and problems – state them and move on.

Part 2: Getting clear on Mission

1. What is the purpose of this organization? Why does it exist?                          


2. Whom do you serve?


3. How do you service your clients or constituents.

Write a draft mission statement in 25 words or less. Make sure you have 
answered the 3 questions above in the statement. 

Part 3: What We Value

1. Write a punch list of bulleted items, in brainstorm fashion, of what you want it to feel like – working in your organization. 


Describe the tone and feel of the business. See the picture.  Do this quickly – don’t over-think it. 

2. Work the list into a shorter, focused list

      Be willing to give up value statements that don’t hit the core of who you are 

Next Steps

Use this thinking to shape your strategic planning process–what’s the mood? The key issues? Now you can plan your planning.


Use this output to identify targets for the upcoming year .

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