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Initiate Problem Solving thrOUGH

Quick Team Input


 You want to get team input on a challenging problem.


In 25 minutes, you can get a team to provide input, organize it, and report out on key themes for solving the problem. This provides a leadership team with an easy-to-facilitate method of getting bottoms-up input.


Get crystal clear on why you are meeting with the group–write it down on a flipchart or power point to show them.

Create a clear, easy to understand question for which you need input from the team. 

Write the question on a chart or slide. 

When you convene the group tell them why they are there. 

Warm the group up by stating your goal and getting some initial verbal input (keep this to a few minutes).

Stop the input and tell the group that in order to get everyone’s ideas captured, you need them to write it down and organize it from their perspective (this is key).



  •  Use post-it notes to get individual input.

  • Provide half a pack of post-it notes to each person in the room. 

  • Ask people to spend three minutes writing down their ideas.

  • Put each idea on a separate post-it note.

  • Ask team to post ideas on self-titled flip-charts.

  • The first person to start posting writes a title on the chart 

  • Have about six blank pieces of flipchart paper posted. 

Other Important HOW TOs

DO NOT pre-label the charts – that puts your perspective and organization on the data – you want theirs! 

Trust the process–people will self-organize and move quickly– just nudge them along. 


Have team members organize the data into logical chunks.

  • Once the data is posted, ask people to go to the chart that interests them most, or second most.

  • Ask them to organize so people are spread evenly. 

  • Have the teams at each chart organize the post-its into meaningful chunks or suggestions, ideas, actions etc. 

  • People should use markers to label each chunk, so others in the room can easily see what they have. 

  • Team members at each flipchart station give 3-minute report-outs on findings.

  • All teams take 5 minutes to give ideas on how to apply the findings



Be sure to let the team know how you used the input and what changed as a result of the input.

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