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creative shaping tools for planning sessions


You need to spice up your strategic planning or goal setting meetings.


Add craft materials to the package of meeting materials.


1. Provide modeling clay, pipecleaners, stressballs,  drawing materials, stickers and similar craft materials that can be shaped by hand.

2. Explain to participants why the crafts are in the room.

  1. To stimulate discussion 

  2. To have fun 

  3. To build models 

3. Invite participants to use the toys in the room

  1. To work them during discussions to help concentration

  2. To help the group think and get creative. 

  3. To build models that describe the new work plan, strategy, etc. that they are creating 



Using craft materials in a planning session is not for the faint of heart. You must be confident in their application to your work at hand and be willing to take a leap of fun in your work.

These materials have contributed substantially to strategy sessions at the HIghline. People are able to describe what they are saying, have something concrete to refer to, or sometimes just plain bring a laugh to the room when the creative tension was strung a little too tight!

Next Steps

  • Be sure to identify for the group how the crafts helped shape their thinking.

  • Post creative art work in public settings.

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