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Dialogue facilitation for individuals or teams


What is mediation


Mediation is a constructive conversation between people in conflict facilitated by a neutral third person, the Mediator, also known as the Dialogue Facilitator.

Mediation offers participants a way to cooperatively create solutions to workplace conflict and repair professional relationships.  

Participants, not mediators, control the outcome of mediation. Mediators simply help them communicate their concerns and interests. Once people in conflict can begin to hear one another, they often develop mutually agreeable resolutions. If not, they have the option of concluding mediation at any time.

Mediation works best when it is voluntary, informal and confidential.

A successful mediation process provides participants a way to

  • Address conflict before it escalates into a crisis

  • Identify what’s going on with them and their environment that needs to be dealt with

  • Open the channels of communication to hear one another’s needs

  • Generate your own solutions

  • Build a satisfactory, custom tailored agreement that can weather setbacks


How it works


  • Start with a Chemistry Call to determine if we are a good match

  • Pre-meeting with each individual or team

  • Scheduled sessions at regular intervals

  • Determine steps to explore and experiments to try for building back the relationship

  • Include others in the team who interact with participants as it makes sense


Time Investment

  • Typically, between 2 and 6 sessions to work through the conflict

  • Participants agree on schedule



Individuals or teams who need a hand-up in resolving conflict and creating a working path forward. 


Especially recommended to pairs or teams that find themselves at an impasse, on the verge of crisis or at the brink of losing or letting go a key team member.


Financial Investment

Varies with needs, number of participants and complexity of situation.

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