Reinforce and refine conflict engagement skills to keep from falling into old habits. Give yourself a booster shot to keep conflict from infecting the health of your team. This practicum lends itself to repeat investment, as it upgrades your skill with each conflict the group brings.


By the end of this practicum, you will be able to

  • Work more effectively with your strengths and limitations around conflict resolution
  • Think through other barriers to successful conflict resolution, like organization habits and cultural expectations that get in your way
  • Identify budding tensions early before they grow into full blown conflict


Most suitable for

People who have attended our Engaging Conflict and Tension course and/or have prior knowledge and experience with conflict resolution methods.


How it works

You engage in a flow of practice-intense activities focused on live, current conflict challenges.  We conduct the program over 4 consecutive weeks with 3 online facilitated sessions and application in-between.


Time investment

Expect to dedicate about 1-3 hours per week during each week of the course.  This includes regular work activities—where you practice conflict resolution —as well as peer group coaching.  Total course hours: 12




Pre-work and preparation

Tuesday, February 22, 2022                                        9:30-10:30 US ET

One-hour peer group start meeting                           On Zoom

Pre-work and preparation, 1-2 hours                         Self-scheduled


2 live facilitated sessions, Tuesdays

March 1, March 15, 2022                                            9:30-12:30 US ET

                                                                                    On Zoom


Between facilitated sessions                                     Self Scheduled

Practice and application, including with peer group


Course requirements

A background in conflict resolution either through courses, mediation, and/or mentorship.



Maximum 8. Super-duper small.

We build groups with the Goldilocks approach—just the right size to enrich personal attention, group collaboration and feedback.


Financial Investment: $485

Conflict Practicum