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the highline smart steps approach 

By taking these Smart Steps, you will make sure all voices of your team are heard and involved in the change. They work at all levels—individual coaching, team development and whole organization integration.


We listen intently to understand where you are now and what you want to make happen. Our process dives deep into yourself, the team or the organization to reveal unidentified insights, skills and blind spots. 




People do what they create. We get teams to co-initiate projects top to bottom, so their faith is built from the start.


This inclusion creates co-ownership, commitment and gets results. We get to the edges of the organization—to recognize the most alienated and the most innovative.

Smart Steps of Phase I include

  • Identify the problem

  • Discover and research the root of the problem

  • Find blind spots and dig out assumptions  


a metaphor of the iceberg

Organizations are like icebergs. Sometimes you only see a part of the iceberg. And that’s the part above the waterline. Underneath the waterline is a whole different organization where people talk about what’s really worrying them or keeping them busy.


Often the informal organization is stronger than the formal organization. If we don’t dive under the waterline to see, hear and feel what is really going on, change is hard to achieve.


By taking these smart steps, we help you dive below the waterline to discover and find blind spots.


Our approach is like a journey. We move from launching change together to discovering future possibilities. Then we keep ourselves from jumping to conclusions too soon by opening up and making space before we leap.

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