Here are some starter tools in each of the key areas of change to help you run change meetings, get a different kind of conversation started or jump start some team and trust building.




Quick and Dirty       Mission/Values Exercise 

You need a way to initiate a conversation about what’s important or what’s changing in order to build your team or your company.




Are You Ready for a  

Working Team of Executives? 

Executive teams meet regularly, have discussions and update one another. The atmosphere is pretty good, but it is clear this is just a status meeting.  Usually boring, these are certainly not about joint decision making. It is clear that members have their own positions and responsibilities.

Five Questions Team Leaders Should Ask Their Teams

Give a person a fish and you feed him for a day; show him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.




Initiate Problem Solving thROUGH 

Quick Team Input

In 25 minutes, you can get a team to provide input, organize it, and report out on key themes for solving the problem. This provides a leadership team with an easy-to-facilitate method of getting bottoms-up input.

Creative Shaping Tools for Planning Sessions

You need to spice up your strategic planning or goal setting meetings.